Monday, November 10, 2008

Video Blogging enters the realm of the Boston Globe

Recently video blogger and Boston Globe reporter, Emily Sweeny, came to Dan Kennedy's class to talk about how the Globe's website is expanding from the basic news website into a video and multimedia source as well.

Sweeny, aka, Spikey Em (due to her spikey blonde hair) has been a reporter with the Globe since 2001 and runs her own blog/video blog called Spikey Em which links to her videos and articles.

In class she explained the importance of future journalists getting acquainted with video shooting and editing because that is what the news rooms are looking for nowadays. She said that newsrooms these days want reporters who can do it all from writing a great feature story, to figuring out how to get a good shot with decent audio, and then being able to edit the video cleanly and in an organized fashion. The time of the journalist equipped only with their notebook seems to be a thing of the past.

Sweeny demonstrated her own videos to our class. She began by showing one called My Word, which documented the different slang words and accents that Bostonians are so accustomed to using. The project was more slide show based but had awesome old royalty free footage that she said she got from the Prelinger Archives on the Web, definitely something to keep in mind for future editing.

My favorite video that she showed us was called Bingo! and it was a short video about the (dwindling) popularity of the game of Bingo in Massachusetts. She got some great interviews for this video and it was really entertaining to learn about the traditions and superstitions of those who take the game of Bingo very seriously.

Sweeny's presentation was very informative and I thought it was a great learning tool by seeing what news rooms are going to expect from future journalists.

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