Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Mystery Lounge on Wired Journalists

This is the Mystery Lounge, a LIVE magic show, performing every Tuesday night at the Hong Kong restaurant in Harvard Square. The show brings together some of Boston's best magicians and comedians for an evening extravaganza of entertainment, a truly unique Boston experience that is not to be missed.

More photo's of the Mystery Lounge show from last night can be found on my wired-journalist homepage, a site geared towards journalism hobbyists who want to share their expieriences in photos, stories, videos, and blogs with the rest of the wired community. The site is really neat and gives the user a lot more freedom and customization than other more popular social-networking sites like facebook and myspace.

It was very easy for me to both take photos and upload them to my laptop and then wired journalist, as I've been doing this same thing on facebook and myspace for years. Although I had no problem with the technical aspect, it was difficult to find photos that were newsworthy. After walking around campus for a day and half looking for something to peak my interest I decided that I was going to the Mystery Lounge on Tuesday night anyway and that would be the perfect place to take some photos and try to help spread the word. The show last night drew a smaller than normal crowd as it seemed most people in the city wanted to watch the Obama-McCain debate, so hopefully this blog and the photos I posted can help draw a bigger crowd for next week! Hong Kong restaurant, 1236 Massachusetts Ave, Tuesday nights, 8:00 PM in the Comedy Studio (3rd floor).

The group I joined on wired-journalist is called History and Mystery and I understand the group to be about the fact that history contextualizes the news today, something that I feel very strongly about being a History minor. There are only 10 people in this group and unfortunately it doesn't look like the group is very active, since the last activity in it was in July, but I think that if I ever have any questions about relating a historical scenario to the news today that those in this group would be helpful in developing that thesis.

Overall, wired journalist is a very useful site in sharing media and ideas and I think I'll definitely be hanging out there when I'm wasting time on the Internet.

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