Sunday, October 5, 2008


Oliver Stone's new biopic about the life of President George W. Bush is set to be released on October 23rd, several weeks from now.
From what I understand based on bloggers from the Boston area, the film is set to highlight the ineptitude of the current president.
The film is being released just two weeks before election day, a move that makes it apparent that Oliver Stone thinks this might effect the election outcome. Film makers are so pretentious, obviously it's all about making a statement for him, so I don't know if I'm expecting it to be very accurate. Stone, after all, is not an journalist, oh wait....maybe that means he's less biased, the way the media has been swinging lately and all...

So what are Boston bloggers saying about this movie?

The Cynical-C Blog (395 authority) is actually not interesting at all, the blogger seems suprised that Bush was a drinker and gambler. something that really shouldn't be a surprise for anyone who's been alive in the USA for the past eight years.

Hub Blog (30 authority) is also a short post about the movie, but the blogger brings up an interesting thought in its brief simplicity. He says:

I want a fair, true portrait of the man

I think we all want that, but let's be serious. Now I'm no Bush supporter, but with horrible way this president has led the USA for the past eight years in, every respect, I have a hard time imagining that this movie will be anything close to a fair portrayal.

The most informative of the blogs about "W" came from the Boston Globe's website. They have a movie blog called Movie Nation (No Authority for this Blog?) which reviews the movies and has the critic's comments and thoughts on the movies even if the film isn't out yet, in this case the critic talks a bit about "W". The blogger describes the movie as a comedy..... SO YOUR LIBERALS THINK THAT AMERICA IS A COMEDY?!?!?! Woah, that was just me thinking of what Mark Levin's reaction to that comment would be. The republicans are always thinking of ways to make everything un-American. This blog also has a trailer of the movie which is interactive and cool.

Edge Boston (no authority yet) calls the film:

A Halloween Horror film
And gives a preliminary review of how the movie will be received by Americans. It seems that Edge Boston has recently hired a fortune teller to find out how unreleased movies will effect society.

The last blog that I visited regarding the movie "W" was a very short post on the Daley News (30 authority) blog. The actual post gets right to the point:

Oliver Stone and George Bush are in cahoots?

It seems that this blogger has it all figured out. Oh, his source for this cahoot-esque information is Hugo Chavez but he gives a bad link.

So with "W" coming up in the next two weeks it seems that the Boston bloggers just really don't care that much about this biopic/epic and that maybe it's time for Oliver Stone to try something creative and not stay safe by making movies with existing stories like....

W, World Trade Center, Alexander, The People v. Larry Flynt, Nixon, the Doors, and JFK.

Move on from these biographical epics Mr. Stone. Nobody cares about these statements your trying to make, just move on.

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